None at the moment 🙂

Aug 14   Denver, CO  Casa del Show w/ Ruby Fray (Austin, TX)
Aug 9   Boulder, CO  The StarHouse w/ Rachel Baiman and Gabrielle Louise
Aug 5   Colorado Springs, CO  Right Heel Studio *Live Recording Show* w/ Cocordion
July 27-30  Denver, CO   Denver Post Underground Music Showcase
July 15   Boulder, CO  Masala House w/ Covenhoven
July 6   Denver, CO  Globe Hall w/ R.L. Cole and Maggie Koerner
June 30   Denver, CO  Lost Lake Down Time Album Release w/ Porlolo & Lillian
June 29   Fort Collins, CO  SnugRug Summer Patio Sessions at The Downtown Artery
June 24   Denver, CO  Westword Music Showcase
June 5   Denver, CO  FILM ON THE ROCKS! “Dirty Dancing” w/ LOLO
May 25   Denver, CO  Wholesome House Show w/ Megan Falley
May 2    Denver, CO  Leon Gallery w/ Breathe Owl Breathe
April 28    Fort Collins, CO  FoCoMX Music Festival
April 24    Denver, CO  Soiled Dove Underground w/ Chris Pureka
April 20   Colorado Springs, CO  Axe and The Oak Whiskey House w/ Macon Terry
April 01   Denver, CO  Natalie Tate * Broken Open* Album Release!
April 01   Worldwide, Planet Earth  Live broadcast of Album Release Show
Feb 23      Denver, CO  Ubisububi Room w/ Paul DeHaven (SOLD OUT)
Feb 4   Denver, CO  Lost Lake w/ Shilo Gold (Album Release) & Morningbear
Jan 28   Ft. Collins, CO   Bohemian Nights @ The Armory w/ Gregory Alan Isakov (SOLD OUT)
Jan 6   Denver, CO    Syntax Physic Opera  w/ Bluebook & Lillian
Jan 14   Denver, CO   Huckleberry Roasters Cafe Session w/ Mt Theloniuous
Dec 13   Denver, CO   Tiny Library Concert at History Colorado w/ Pineross
Oct 6   Prescott, AZ    Raven Cafe
Oct 5   Flagstaff, AZ    Firecreek Coffee Co.
Sept 29   San Diego, CA   Sycamore Den w/ Shelbi Bennett (The Midnight Pine)
Sept 27   Los Angeles, CA    The Hotel Cafe @ 7pm w/ Caroline Glaser & Eden Iris
Sept 24   Santa Cruz, CA    SubRosa Community Space w/ Dog Dreams & Kite Hands Glowing
Sept 21   Sacramento, CA    Eye Street Co-op w/ Maya Elise
Sept 17   Olympia, WA    Little House on the Perry w/ George Christian Pettis, Eleanor Murray & Geodes
Sept 16   Seattle, WA    Gallery 1412 w/ Jordan O’ Jordan and Eleanor Murray
Sept 15   Portland, OR    Alberta Street Pub w/ Eleanor Murray, Lenore. and Mero
Sept 9   Denver, CO    Fort Greene Bar w/ Downtime and Sam Rae
Aug 14  Fairfield, IA    The Depot Brewery w/ G E O D E S (Happy Hour 5-7)
Aug 11  Minneapolis, MN    Honey MPLS w/ Undlin & Wolfe + Simon Balto
Aug 10 Eau Claire, WI    Vivian on Main w/  Undlin & Wolfe + Simon Balto
Aug 9  Iowa City, IA    House Concert w/ Bri Romo
Aug 8  Davenport, IA    Daytrotter Venue
Aug 4-7  Appleton, WI    Mile of Music Festival w/ Cory Chisel, Amasa Hines + more
July 27  Buena Vista, CO    House Rock Kitchen w/ Devin James Fry + Dagmar
July 26  Colorado Springs, CO    Mesa House Concert w/ Dagmar + Devin James Fry
June 22  Chapel Hill, NC    House Concert w/ Lucy Bonilla
Apr 7  Denver, CO    Lion’s Lair w/ The Still Tide
Mar 26 Denver, CO    Swallow Hill w/ in//PLANES
Feb 25  Denver, CO    Girls Rock Denver Benefit Show w/ The Milk Blossoms
Feb 17-20 Davenport, IA    Daytrotter Downs Festival
Feb 5  Denver, CO    Denver Open Media TV Broadcast
Feb 6 Boulder, CO    Cherryvale House Concert w/ Dagmar
Jan 23  Denver, CO   Sofar Sounds Concert
Jan 14  Denver, CO   Syntax Physic Opera w/ Bluebook